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The Liquidity Trap: Academic Envisioning or Imagination?

Brian E Hynes

Krugman, disagree or agree with his underling philosophy, has demonstrated he’s a dangerous person to follow for Market Advice. I call to caution as he is likely on the same level of the academic defrauder Mishkin. However, it is more fair at this point to simply illustrate lack of confrontation of his contradicting suppressed premises. Although that’s a very intellectually dishonest way to write; his fallacies are likely the result of his lack of knowledge between subjectivity and objectivity.

After much study of the prospect of a liquidity trap, objective logic presents a case resulting in a simple conclusion. It is beyond any objective doubt that its existence is nothing short of fiction. The liquidity trap is related to the transformation of definitions throughout the 1980s; Where falling prices; which undoubtedly is irrationally feared is completely inaccurate when a…

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